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Absolutely the best IT guy we have ever used for our business. Fast and reliable, does it right the first time.
Posted By: Ernie Lilja
Excellent service as always from Steve, fixing all of my mistakes and errors so my computer works again.
Posted By: Connie Phillip
I LOVE Seek your Geek! Steve is always on the ball. I am not very computer savy and he is always available to answer my questions and fix my screw ups. He is also very reasonable.
Posted By: Wendy Shahrikian
Steve is a awesome and reliable person does a wonderful job in his field of work. I always call seek your geek.
Posted By: Candy Gosa
My daughters computer was infected with many viruses, didn't know what to do or who to trust. I called SYG!! Steve responded immediately and saved the computer!! I trust only SYG with our computers from now on. We are extremely happy with Seek Your Geek. Thanks Steve!!
Posted By: Audrey
There is a reason why I see the Seek Your Geek Truck more than the Geek Squad Vans while on the road. Better Service, Better Prices & Pleasant to work with. I wouldn't call anyone else.
Posted By: Jeff Olson
Real brain power on display. Thanks for that answer!
Posted By: Scout
Seek your geek is the only place to go for answers. Start with the best and you'll always be happy!
Posted By: Marianne Kaiser
I have service with T6 and they have a program that fixes your computers for an added cost each month. Sounded like a good deal, until I used them. They deleted everything on my computer and I lost everything. I will NEVER use anyone but SYG from now on. I learned the hard way, So You don't have to.
Posted By: Carolyn Martin
Awesome and fast service! Couldn't be more happy with my computer!
Posted By: Jenn

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