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Drop Box

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DropBox! Free 2GB storage!

Do you find yourself wishing you had certain files, pictures, music on your phone or tablet? How about you took a great picture with your phone and want to use it on your computer?  With Drop Box you can!
Sign up for a FREE 2Gb account and install it on your desktop, laptop, smart phone, iPhone, tablet, iPad etc and start sharing your pictures, documents, videos and more.


Shared folders are ideal for groups of people interested in collaborating on a set of files or folders together. Add other members to a folder and its files will appear in your friends or colleagues own Dropbox just as it does in yours. You can share any folder in your Dropbox or create a new shared folder from the Dropbox website.

How secure is Dropbox?

Your files are actually safer while stored in your Dropbox than on your computer in some cases. We use the same secure methods as banks.

Dropbox takes the security of your files and of our software very seriously. We use the best tools and engineering practices available to build our software, and we have smart people making sure that Dropbox remains secure. Your files are backed-up, stored securely, and password-protected.

Other Dropbox users can't see your private files in Dropbox unless you deliberately invite them or put them in your Public folder. Everything in your Public folder is, by definition, accessible to anyone.

Dropbox employees are prohibited from viewing the content of files you store in your Dropbox account, and are only permitted to view file metadata (e.g., file names and locations). Like most online services, we have a small number of employees who must be able to access user data for the reasons stated in our privacy policy (e.g., when legally required to do so). But that’s the rare exception, not the rule. We have strict policy and technical access controls that prohibit employee access except in these rare circumstances. In addition, we employ a number of physical and electronic security measures to protect user information from unauthorized access.

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